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Baisakhi Saha

Baisakhi Saha: author, speaker, performer

Speaking & Mentorship

DSC_0262I am a motivational speaker and mentor.  I lecture internationally on subjects like feminine power, student empowerment & leadership, how to follow a path of passion & purpose, how to manifest our dreams, how the law of attraction really works, the shadow aspects of our consciousness and how to deal with them, how to find our destiny paths, and many other evolutionary and empowering themes. I am also a TEDx speaker. You may like to tune in to some of my speeches, events & media interviews on my book channel, magicNine TV.

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Dancing, Acting & Photo modeling

I am a budding dancer, an aspiring actor and a photo model. I started ‘abunDance’ during the process of writing my first book, ‘magicNine’, as an act of self-expression, the kind of dance life is made of… dance in abundance!  You may like to watch some of my dances on my channel, abunDance. I am also an actress, photo model and a story writer; I have performed in theater and acted in a couple of short films in English & Spanish, and a documentary that won a few International film festival awards. I am keen on acting in your film, mainstream or off-beat cinema, foreign films, musicals, music videos or documentaries. Multilingual, I speak English, Spanish, German, Bengali, Hindi and little Tamil. You can also find me on IMDb.

If you would like to cast me in a substantial role in your project, contact me or email

paypal-paynowBook a session: if you would like personal mentoring from me, you may like to book a coaching session for US $50 for 45 minutes of audio call on skype. I accept payment via PayPal only. You may like to pay here. Once payment is received, I will schedule a session with you at a mutually convenient slot. Thanks!


Make a donation: if you like my work, including my lectures on advancing consciousness and the evolutionary topics you read on my blog, you may like to make a donation via PayPal or go directly to, so I can keep the posts going. Thank you for your continued support of my work. Best wishes! 

Note: rates will vary for lectures or other types of performance gigs. 


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