Baisakhi Saha



author . speaker . dancer . actor

Welcome to Baisakhi Saha’s Blog!

She is an international author, motivational speaker, globetrotter and a performer. Her first book, ‘magicNine‘ is about how signs and synchronicities guide us on our destiny paths. She does public speaking, addressing large groups of audience, discussing dreams, desires & destiny, how to tune in to our inner calling and connect with the collective consciousness.  Through the writing of her book, ‘abunDance‘ was born as an act of self-expression, the kind of dance life is made of…  Since then she has performed many dance shows and also acted in short films. An artist of the heart, her work is focused on advancing human consciousness on our planet.

​Please go through this site, the services she offers and feel free to contact her if you have a project for her or would like to engage her in a speaking / acting gig. Thank you and enjoy the ride!